We knew you’d end up here.

Please follow the 4 easy steps below to get your application to our team.

Step 1: Review Leasing Qualifications

Open Leasing Qualifications PDF

You’re going to see these qualifications and other application criteria again once you start the application below.  The link above is just a summarized printable version of our leasing qualifications.  Apartment communities have a strict set of guidelines that we set and follow.  Every community has different qualification criteria due to state and federal laws, amenities, geography, local trends, insurance carriers, and mortgages.  While we all try to adhere to a similar set of guidelines, a topic such as roommates is treated completely different from community to community, even in the same city.  If you have any questions, please address them before you start your application.  We cannot tell an applicant if they will be approved or denied without reviewing the full application with all the accompanying applications.

Step 2: Gather Needed Documents and Items

ROOMMATES/MORE THAN ONE APPLICATION FOR THE SAME APARTMENT:   Please submit ONE application and once you’ve received the email verification that your application was submitted, you will also receive a unique LINK to send to your co-applicant or roommates to submit the subsequent applications for the same unit.

The system will merge your applications into one file, so we know they are all together in the same unit.

APPLICATION FEE:  The application fee will be due during this application process.  The admin fee, security deposit, pet deposit, and pet fee (if applicable) will all be due at a later date after the application is approved.  For more information and timing on these items, please see the list of FAQ’s or speak with your Leasing Consultant.

The items below will need to be uploaded into your application when you submit.  Please make sure your have these on hand and ready before you begin the application.

  • Copy of Driver’s license or Government Issued Photo Identification
  • PDF or JPG Copy of 2 weeks of income (W-2’S)
  • Rental History Contact Information
  • Social Security and Birthdates of all Applicants
  • Credit or Debit Card for Application Fee

Step 3: Apply

Use the portal at the bottom of the page and click "Apply Now" next to an available unit, or click on the waitlist unit to submit your application.

Step 4: After the Application in Submitted

You should receive a phone call from us within one to two business days with any questions or additional information we may need. If you do not receive a follow-up phone call, please contact us.

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