Our lease terms change on a monthly basis. Our lease terms are usually anywhere from 6-18 months.  We almost always have a shorter term and a longer term option available.  Due to Huntsville City regulations, leases less than 6 months must pay a lodging tax of roughly 10% of the rental amount.

Residents pay for all utilities: water, sewer, trash removal, electricity, cable television, and internet connection.

We allow cats, dogs, birds, and fish. Aggressive breads such as Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and Doberman Pincers are prohibited.  Due to insurance regulations our restricted breed list changes from time to time. Animals are subject to the City of Huntsville Animal Service’s regulations.

For more information on Huntsville pet ordinances
Website: hsvcity.com/animal/index.html

Each situation is different. Combinations of animals are difficult to define in a policy. We charge one non-refundable pet fee per apartment, and a pet deposit for each animal (cats and dogs). Birds and fish do not require a pet fee or deposit. Fish tanks over 100 gallons are prohibited. Call the office if you have a unique situation that we can help you with.

There are no monthly charges for pets, just the one-time pet fee and deposit.

No. Pursuaint to fire codes UFC 2003 10.11.7, IFC 2003 308.3.1, and IFC 2003 308.3.1.1 adopted by the State of Alabama, the law prohibits the use of Propane or Charcoal grills in or near a multi-family building with three or more units per building. The minimum fine from the Huntsville City Fire Marshall is $10,000. Every apartment community in the State of Alabama that has buildings with three or more units must comply with this law. However, UL listed electric grills are permitted.

Yes, barring any damages or outstanding balances owed on your account they will be deducted from your deposit. Your utility bills for water, sewer, and trash are billed in arrears. The final utility charges are processed at move-out and deducted from your deposit. You do have the option to pay the final utility bill at move-out if you do not want it deducted from your deposit. “Six to one, half a dozen to another.”

Yes, you can terminate your lease early for any reason.

All leases have a clause built-in for early termination.  Please refer to your signed lease agreement for your specific terms.  Typically you will have to pay any applicable termination fees, back rental concessions (specials you received on your current lease), and pay through a 60-day notice. If you are within the last three months of your lease-end date, most likely payint through the end of the lease is more cost effective.

Military Residents are subject to the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA).
Website: Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act .